8 Reasons You Will Love Virtual Doula Support

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The COVID-19 pandemic has created uncertainty for birthing families in Northern Virginia, Washington, DC, and around the world. Everyone is doing their part to reduce the risk of becoming sick with COVID-19 and potentially spreading this novel coronavirus. Many birth doulas have put face-to-face support services on hold until further notice and, like us, have begun offering virtual birth doula services. Virtual doula services may include prenatal visits by video, help creating a custom birth plan, 24/7 access to your doula by phone, text and email, on call video and phone labor support, and more.  

Learn more about our Northern Virginia and Metro DC Virtual Birth Doula Package here.

While a virtual birth doula can serve you from anywhere in the world, we suggest you hire a birth doula who is local to you. A birth doula who lives and works in your area is going to be familiar with evolving hospital and birth center policies.

There are many reasons to hire a birth doula, but during these trying times, support is more important than ever before. Here are some of the benefits we know you will enjoy when choosing a virtual birth doula:

Stay informed about your hospital or birth center. 

As mentioned above, a local virtual birth doula will have all the latest information about your hospital or birth center. The number of support people allowed, visitor policies, and various other protocols have been changing at hospitals across the country. Your virtual doula can keep you in the loop. 

Get your questions answered in real time. 

A virtual birth doula is available to answer your questions and help you find information during pregnancy, childbirth, and the immediate postpartum period. Not sure if you should call your doctor? Want to know whether or not a procedure is evidence based? Just need to talk through your concerns or frustrations? Your virtual doula is a phone call away. 

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Prepare for birth from the comfort (and safety) of your home. 

Virtual birth doulas can help you confident and prepared for birth from the privacy of your home during your virtual prenatal visits. Visits can be done by phone or video and are a wonderful opportunity to practice relaxation techniques, positions, and comfort measures. 

Write the perfect birth plan. 

Many parents are nervous that their birth plan is too demanding or won’t be well received. We can help you create a birth plan that expresses your desires and lays the foundation for respectful and positive communication with your medical care providers.  

Enjoy the continuous care of live video or phone birth support. 

While we may not be able to be with you in person, we can be there for you by video. Our on-call birth support means you call or connect with us by video when labor begins and we are available to you until you’re settled in with your new baby. During virtual birth support your doula can: 

  • Talk your partner through comfort measures 
  • Share relaxation techniques, positions, and coping tools with you 
  • Remind you about decisions you have made 
  • Provide evidence-based resources and information 
  • Be a judgement free listening ear, or a soothing voice 
  • Cheer you on! 

Prepare for your postpartum recovery. 

During your virtual prenatal visits you can plan for postpartum recovery. Write a postpartum plan and learn more about what to expect from your body and your baby after birth. 

Access resources as you need them. 

Doulas have extensive networks and connections to assist you with getting the help you need. Request referrals to mental health professionals, educational resources, primary care providers that are aligned with your philosophies about birth and babies, and more. 

Feel confident and supported. 

Virtual birth doula support will look different for every family. Like always, it’s our goal to meet you where you are and provide the customized care you and your family need during pregnancy and birth.  

If virtual birth doula support sounds like something that would be right for you, visit our Virtual Doula page for more information and book a free virtual consultation.  


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