Why Parents Hire Birth Doulas

by | Feb 12, 2020 | DC Birth Doula

Birth doulas are trained professionals, providing Washington, DC and Northern Virginia parents with non-medical support throughout pregnancy and birth. A birth doula is the perfect addition to your birth team, working alongside your midwife or obstetrician to ensure you feel prepared and cared for throughout your experience. Also, expect your birth doula support to carry over into the immediate postpartum period.


Many Metro DC families are not sure if birth doula support is right for them. Deciding to invite another person into your birth space is a big decision. Here are the four most common reasons our clients choose to have a birth doula support them through pregnancy and childbirth:


Hire a birth doula in Washington, DC if you want someone to help you execute your birth plan and remain in control of your birthing experience.


You’re ready to own your birth experience. Rely on your birth doula to follow through with the plans you have laid out for labor and delivery. This will allow you to focus on giving birth to your baby. Your personal assistant during labor, a doula shows up without judgment, helps you change positions, brings cold cloths for your forehead, uses counter pressure to relieve the intensity of your rushes, and can even manage who is allowed in your birthing space.


Choose professional birth support to ensure you never feel alone when giving birth.


Labor is a lot more fun when you experience it with someone who makes you feel at ease!


When tackling a new challenge, you are the kind of person who copes better when you have companionship and support. You want someone to talk you through labor, clarify things you don’t understand, and answer your questions along the way.


Worried one of your questions is silly? Concerned about bothering your midwife or nurse? Doulas love answering questions and understand how important it is for you to feel comfortable asking them.


You and your doula will be together the whole time. You are going to do amazing!


Why Washington DC Parents Hire Birth Doulas


Choose birth doula support if it’s important that you and your partner feel safe and secure during your labor and birth experience.


You want to focus on the work of giving birth and the only way you are going to be able to do that is if you feel safe and you know that your partner feels safe, too. Your birth doula can walk you both through everything, as it happens. With professional birth support, your partner will feel connected and involved, reassured by your Northern Virginia birth doula that all is well and normal. You will feel completely safe from the moment your doula arrives.


Work with a certified birth doula in DC to reduce anxiety over the possibility of forgetting information when your birthing day arrives.


Both you and your partner are knowledgeable about the processes and possibilities of childbirth. You need to be sure you won’t forget anything when the time comes to actually give birth. Choosing professional birth support will be like having the entire pregnancy and birth section of the library right there in the delivery room. If a doula doesn’t know the evidence-based answer, she knows where to find it, efficiently. With no emotional attachment to the decisions you make, a doula is an excellent unbiased addition to your birth team.


Deciding who will be present when you give birth is personal. Each family has unique needs and goals. A doula will do everything within their scope of practice to help you achieve the birth you have been dreaming about.


Should one of the above reasons for hiring a doula in the Metro DC region resonate with you, don’t hesitate to contact Amy Durham of Mother Nurture Doulas Services. Amy can meet you exactly where you are in the process of designing your birth expectations and will confidently provide exactly what you need from a birth doula.