Dads and Doulas

How will a Doula work with my Partner?

Q: The question frequently asked by skeptical spouses and partners is– “Will a doula try to take my place?”

A: The answer is “Absolutely not!” We work together as a team!

As the spouse or partner you love the birthing mother and have a personal history with her. You are knowledgeable about how she deals with pain and stress. You are aware of areas where she may be challenged and know of ways to help support her.

As a doula, I have extensive training and knowledge about the birthing process. I have skills in physical, mental, and emotional support, as well as comfort techniques for the laboring mother. I have experience supporting families before, during, and after the birth of your baby.

A doula can also take some of the stress and pressure off YOU–the partner–by keeping track of labor. You can hold the laboring mother’s hand for hours without having to worry about timing contractions, or thinking about effective position changes. Doulas can give you suggestions on helping the mother stay comfortable. They can provide you with breaks during a long labor, give you with a chance to eat or rest without worrying about leaving mom alone. You may feel concerned seeing the person you care about in pain, and a doula can remind you of the intensity of normal labor, and that mother and baby are fine. A doula will help support you both throughout the labor so that you and mom get to have the best possible experience on your baby’s birth day!

Together, doulas and partners are the perfect combination for a winning team!