Prenatal Consultations

Prenatal Consultations

Talk to a Doula

Have you ever wanted to sit down and talk to a doula? You have questions, I have answers!

Maybe you have a lot of support from others and just want to pick a doulas brain. Maybe the full price of a doula’s services are not in the budget right now. There may be many reasons you are not planing to hire a doula for her full package of services. What if you could have a “Date with a Doula”?

This customized prenatal session provides an opportunity for you to talk to me about anything that’s on your mind: Pregnancy, birth, postpartum, breastfeeding, newborn care etc.  I’m here to listen, answer questions, share information and resources, give referrals and tools.  Get the inside scoop normally reserved for hired doula clients only!

Includes access to my library of doula handouts.         

(1.5 hour $100)

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