Mother Nurture is a proud Partner with [M]otherboard Birth Plans

[M]otherboard (aka visual birth plan)is a creation platform where you can research, select, and share your birth preferences with your support team in real time, on any device. 

[M]otherboard is where education meets collaboration and informed decision-making.  

Not your Mother’s Birth Plan!

Birth preferences

made simple.  

Because the best care

is collaborative.

Watch how easy

it is to create your


Birth Plan

Watch this video for an idea of the various options you can choose from to create your own customized birth plan.  Learn more information about all your options, make informed decisions, and then share YOUR [M]otherboard with your birth team!

The power of a birth plan is not the actual plan.

It is the process of becoming educated about all of your options.

If you don’t know your options…you don’t have any!

Educate your Yourself
on all your Options
Motherboard App Education
Share your Birth Preferences
with your Care Team
Motherboard app education

What’s Included:

* A 1.5 hour virtual meeting with me to guide you through learning all of your options for labor and birth and creating a birth plan thats tailored to you and reflects your birth vision.

* A great option if you do not plan to have a doula for your birth.

* Learn tips to advocate for your birth preferences in the labor room.

* Access to Motherboard Members Only website.

* Motherboard Birth Plan Template ($50 value).

* One week of email correspondence to answer your follow up questions.



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