How to Choose a Doula for Your VBAC

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Research has shown doula support to be a significant factor in reducing the risk of Cesarean birth. Hiring a doula for your VBAC can be overwhelming, especially if there are many doulas available to you like there are here in NOVA and the Metro DC area. Here’s how to choose the right doula for your vaginal birth after Cesarean:

Choose a Certified VBAC Doula

When choosing a doula, the easiest way to narrow down your options is to look for a Certified VBAC Doula. Not just a “Certified Doula,” Certified VBAC Doulas specialize in supporting families who are planning a VBAC. They have demonstrated knowledge and proven experience to help you navigate your maternity care experience. A Certified VBAC Doula will help you feel supported throughout your pregnancy and birth.

In some cases (like HERE), Certified VBAC Doulas have specially designed packages just for VBAC. Many of these include additional resources, tools, and information to help you plan your VBAC birth.

How to Choose a VBAC Doula in NOVA or Washington DC Metro DC VBAC Doula Mother Nurture Doula Services

Look for a Doula with Experience Supporting VBAC

If you can’t find a Certified VBAC Doula in your area or don’t feel a connection to any of them, look for a doula with VBAC experience. VBAC is a unique journey. Doulas who have supported VBAC will know what to expect and be better prepared to help you navigate your birth. Asking the doulas you interview about their VBAC experience can help you decide if they are the birth doula for you.

Find a Doula You Connect With

What is more important than training, certification, and experience? Connection.

Choosing a doula means picking someone who will be by your side on a challenging and intimate voyage. Hiring a doula you connect with and trust is the most important thing when choosing a doula.

Other Things to Consider When Hiring a VBAC Doula

When choosing a doula in NOVA or where you live, you may also consider the doula’s fees, availability, and general certification status.

A doulas role is to nurture and support you during birth. Doulas also help facilitate communication between you and the other members of your birth team. They provide information to help you make decisions about your medical care. If you have a partner, your doula can support your partner, too. Doula care ensures your partner understands what is happening and can take breaks to attend to their own needs throughout your labor.

If you are seeking a Certified VBAC Doula in NOVA or Metro DC, visit our VBAC Doula page for information. Amy Durham has designed a comprehensive package for families who are planning a vaginal birth after a Cesarean, ensuring you feel prepared, knowledgeable, and supported.


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