12 Reasons to Hire a Certified VBAC Doula

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When planning to have a vaginal birth after a Cesarean (VBAC), support is vital. You don’t have to hire professional support, but choosing to have a VBAC Certified Doula attend your birth could significantly increase your chances of having a successful VBAC. Doulas provide continuous labor support, the proven benefits of which include:

  • Reduced chance of having a repeat c-section
  • Increased rates of spontaneous vaginal birth (ie. without use of forceps or vacuum)
  • Decreased use of medication for pain relief
  • Shorter labor
  • Improved APGAR (health) scores for babies
  • Less likely to be dissatisfied with your birth experience


What to look for when hiring support for a VBAC

A VBAC Certified Doula is a birth professional specializing in supporting parents planning to give birth vaginally after one or more Cesarean births. To become certified, the doula must complete a series of classes and training courses and attend documented and reviewed VBAC births. They know they current facts and evidence about birth after cesarean and are 100% ready to coach you to achieve your goals. When planning a VBAC, you have unique support needs, making a VBAC Certified Doula the best choice for birth support.   12 Reasons to Hire a VBAC Certified Doula

Top Reasons to Choose a Doula with VBAC Certification

  1. By investing financially and energetically, a doula who is VBAC certified such as through The VBAC Link has shown a solid commitment to being the best doula to meet your needs for a vaginal birth after cesarean.
  2. Attending VBAC births and showing reviews and documentation of the support provided is part of the certification process, meaning the doula has proven experience supporting VBAC.
  3. When seeking a primary care provider (Midwife/Obstetrician/Doctor), your doula can help you identify VBAC-friendly and supportive care providers in your area.
  4. You can expect your doula to have confidence in your body.
  5. After certifying, doulas have an in-depth understanding of the risks and benefits of VBAC.
  6. From a place of experience, doulas who are VBAC certified can help you process your past birth experience(s), so you can move forward with confidence.
  7. If you have loved ones (including your partner) who are unsupportive of your decision to VBAC–your doula can help you have open conversations about VBAC safety.
  8. Access to scientific evidence allows your doula to assist you with strategies to reduce pressure to induce labor or have a repeat cesarean.
  9. Certified VBAC doulas can share relaxation techniques to increase your chances of successfully achieving your dream birth.
  10. During your pregnancy, a doula certified in VBAC can help you build a supportive birth team by exploring your personal beliefs.
  11. You can ask a doula to recommend tips and tricks for preparing your body to give birth.
  12. Doulas who have been certified as VBAC Doulas are passionate about VBAC! (Just ask Amy Durham, the doula behind Mother Nurture Birth Services!)

Preparing for VBAC is different from preparing for birth when you have not previously birth via C-section or when you plan to give birth surgically. You want a team that supports you, is knowledgeable about achieving your goals and believes in you and your body!

Our VBAC Doula Package for Metro DC and Northern Virginia Families

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